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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday/Monday Activities

No baking involved today…
I just wanted to say that my television blew.  I went out and bought a new one and although I wasn’t happy with the unexpected burden to my budget I am very happy with my television.  I bought an LG 42 inch television which has some really cool options such as screen darkening at night and can also connect with my computer and internet.  Anyway since I was buying a television I also purchased a DVD player and Zumba for WII.
The Zumba for Wii was suggested by my best friend and that is what I really wanted to talk about.  I am a huge Zumba fan and take it every Monday at The New York Sports Club.  I have to say that Ashley and I played it on Monday (Yes I zumba’d twice on Monday) and it was amazingly accurate, fun and pretty easy to do!  I mean if you know zumba it is probably a little easier to immediately do but after a few runs with it I am positive anyone can do it.  Again, Ashley was doing it with me and she is six.  I was able to complete about a half an hour work out and I was sweating as if I was in regular Zumba class.  I do not ordinarily exercise with Wii and thought it was actually the lazy man’s gym but I am now a believer!
Oh yeah, Sunday night I saw Insidious at the Atrium. Good times as it is Easter vacation and there were a bunch of high schoolers around.  (Not!)  However the movie was excellent!  Lots of spooks but a very good story as well!

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